Neosynapse Logo solving big data problems

We’re technology experts. But that’s just the beginning.

Because we’re also business experts with an extensive range of experience in all areas of business, we understand the importance of a budget, we’ve experienced the restrictions of working within a highly matrixed organization, and we come to the table ready to serve as an effective, empowering partner: A partner who understands and cares about what’s important to you.

We understand we’re not just fixing a problem, or coming up with a technical solution for the fun of it. We’re meeting a business objective, achieving a metric, or surmounting a punishing challenge.

Our vertical approach brings you specialized problem solving.

We eschew one-size-fits-all solutions in favor of the right solution for your specific industry. Our deep understanding of industries ranges from telecommunications, entertainment, and cable TV to civil engineering, utilities, and science.

We’re technology-neutral. Which means we don’t have a product to sell or a quota to fill. We’ll find the right solution for your specific needs. And if we need to build it from scratch, we’ll do that too. This laser focus on your unique situation ensures we meet your obstacles head on, even when they include regulatory and legal restrictions.

We’re nimble, responsive, and accurate.

We maintain an exclusive, focused customer list, enabling us to provide the attention your issues demand, and the level of service you deserve. When you work with Neosynapse, you are our priority.  Our procedures and processes have been streamlined to make every part of your experience working with us a pleasure.  Expect to partner with only our most senior experts, all of who will possess and maintain a focused effort on solving your problem quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

You’ll also be involved in every step of the problem-solving process. Which means you’ll know what to expect and when, and you’ll never be faced with unforeseen expenses or unmet deadlines.

What our clients are saying:

Cory’s interdisciplinary background gave him the ability to see patterns and solutions across different domains that were not apparent to others on the team. These valuable insights have led to opportunities for improvement in the way Intel manages its relationships with academic institutions. I am looking forward to my next occasion to work with Cory.
Ken Anderson, Intel Corporation
David added immense value to my teams and projects at Canoe, and to the organization as a whole.
Sana A. Khan,
Canoe Ventures
If every business partnership included the integrity and level of trust ours had, what a wonderful world this would be!
Brian Roberts,
CEO Croix Connect
David has the uncanny gift of identifying business needs by asking on-the-mark questions at a macro level and translating them to applications in a most granular and accurate fashion.
Gerard Broussard,
VP Media Insights & Analytics
David's ability to quickly identify and implement key project requirements in a timely and accurate manner was astonishing, and rarely seen.
Jason Goodman,