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The “Big” in “Big Data” can mean a lot of things — volume, performance, complexity. But some make the mistake of assuming it means Big Costs.  Considering product vendors are the main source of articles, white papers, and presentations on the topic, it’s an understandable mistake.

Vendors have their place in every engagement, but it is essential that they be managed properly.  Some of their goals, like having a successful launch, match yours.  But other goals, such as creating lock-in, establishing lengthy maintenance contracts, and using you as an early adopter of their latest products, are contrary to your interests.

Balancing these interests is critical to both the short- and long-term success of your technology investments. This is an area where Neosynapse excels.

By bringing both technology and business expertise to every engagement, Neosynapse can chart a course that accomplishes all your goals.  By keeping one eye on TCO and ROI, and the other on your performance and operational requirements, our teams can design, develop, and implement systems that meet your precise needs – without waste.

At the end of our engagement, our intelligence becomes your intellectual property.  This includes introducing new business processes to maintain the value of your investment, as well as educating your technical staff so they can operate and enhance your new data platform on a daily basis.

What our clients are saying:

[David] was easy to work with, thorough and added a great deal of value.
Lou Mastria,
Canoe Ventures Chief Privacy and Security Officer
David's ability to quickly identify and implement key project requirements in a timely and accurate manner was astonishing, and rarely seen.
Jason Goodman,
David did a phenomenal job working in an environment that lacked structure and requirements definition by bringing experience and a calming influence to Canoe.
Michael Iacovelli,
VP Platform & PMO
If every business partnership included the integrity and level of trust ours had, what a wonderful world this would be!
Brian Roberts,
CEO Croix Connect
David has a superior ability to quickly assess a situation and identify business needs then translate them into an action plan.
Kerry Little,
Santa Barbara Bank and Trust