Neosynapse Logo solving big data problems

A major international corporation with expansive, ever-changing data needs,

An aging system that couldn’t keep up:

A challenge the Neosynapse team was ready to meet, head on.

The Problem.

The client needed real-time data warehousing to support their customer service and maintenance requirements. Network and customer data changes were taking a full two days to appear in the database. And, data wasn’t being collected and organized in a usable format. With millions of events spread across a variety of systems and message types, existing resources were overwhelmed.

The challenges included:

  • High Volume – with an average of 750 million discrete events a day, and peaks of 100,000 events per second.
  • Real-Time Data Recovery – access was needed within two minutes of collection.
  • Dynamic User Requirements – demands were increasing with rapid customer base growth.
  • Security – some of the data collected contained sensitive information.
  • 100% Availability – simply put, the system could never be out of service.

The Solution.

Neosynapse developed an architecture, deployed a prototype, and established a full production system.

The components included:

  • Grid Computing – Advanced grid computing techniques were incorporated into each component, including the database itself.
  • High-Availability Platform – Each component was selected for full availability.
  • Multilevel Buffering – A buffering strategy was implemented to prevent blocking operations, even when different parts of the system were under varying loads.
  • Pluggable Loaders – The system was designed to easily adapt to new forms of data that were not part of the original design.

The Results.

The corporation is now supported with one of the largest and most sophisticated data warehouse systems in the world.

The benefits include:

Increased Profitability

  • Increased service representative and technician efficiency
  • Eliminated the cost and loss of data caused by outages
  • Improved management oversight and business efficiencies

Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Reduced customer wait and problem resolution times
  • Proactive and rapid troubleshooting

What our clients are saying:

David added immense value to my teams and projects at Canoe, and to the organization as a whole.
Sana A. Khan,
Canoe Ventures
Cory’s interdisciplinary background gave him the ability to see patterns and solutions across different domains that were not apparent to others on the team. These valuable insights have led to opportunities for improvement in the way Intel manages its relationships with academic institutions. I am looking forward to my next occasion to work with Cory.
Ken Anderson, Intel Corporation
[David] has a unique talent of finding and surrounding himself with gifted people, and fostering a collaborative environment where ideas can incubate, which has resulted in a track record of delivering exceptional products to his customers.
Grace Staples,
Grace-Hill Consultants
David's ability to quickly identify and implement key project requirements in a timely and accurate manner was astonishing, and rarely seen.
Jason Goodman,
If every business partnership included the integrity and level of trust ours had, what a wonderful world this would be!
Brian Roberts,
CEO Croix Connect